Tucson domestic violence lawyer

Recast survivors domestic violence attorney Tucson as wonderful, lovable people with full futures. Recognize the early signs of violence and conscientiously intervene, deescalate it, show victims a safe way out. Together we can make our beds, our dinner tables and our families the safe and peaceful oases they should be. Thank you. English joy and warm feelings are not enjoyed in every household for some it could be a dark place.

Filled with cruelty and suffering here are some of the worst cases of domestic violence ever they’re sad but true number eight Maria s Camila one night in March a year old Maria s Camila got violently assaulted by her boyfriend Jose Aureola at her home in Lancaster Texas Maria was attacked with the lamp and was then stabbed repeatedly in the face breasts.

Genitalia during the assault which lasted for five hours aureola also raped and sodomized his girlfriend before leaving her to die the injuries Maria sustained were terrible when she was brought to the hospital her eyes were swollen shut and her face badly bruised all over over stitches were required for the numerous slash and stab wounds and one of her lungs had been punctured she also suffered multiple.

Bone fractures and had to undergo numerous surgeries to insert metal plates in her face as well as plastic surgery to get rid of protruding bones her left eye was also damaged in the assault and she permanently lost for use of her right hand aureola was brought to trial and Avila spared a life sentence received years in jail instead the jury even awarded Maria million dollars in damages the highest payout ever awarded to a domestic abuse victim in US history however Maria doubt she’ll ever receive a penny as her ex-boyfriend has little money she has since become a speaker against domestic violence and has traveled the world to share her story number Lisa Holden or seven years Lisa Holden from Texas suffered.