Customer Service – Why It’s Important You Set This Up Right and How To Do It

For every ecom store you need to have customer service. Let’s see how you can outsource it.


Every help you might have you can get from I am sure you all ran into this one a couple of times in this business. That is the place for freelancers/independent contractors where you can post a job ad and hire the person to do the customer service for you. 


How will your job ad look like will depend on whether you already have someone on this position that can train that new person or you are looking for the first one to do it. Either way, whatever your offer is, be sure to clearly state what you are looking for and what the responsibilities that employees will have. 


For example, state the platform you are going to work on and if you want that recruit to have the experience with it. Knowledge of the English language must be a requirement since you are dropshipping worldwide. 


Upwork will give you the option to ask different questions and that way immediately see if that candidate is worth your time or not. You can ask as many questions as you like, but don’t overdo it because you can maybe repel the best candidates. You can check online for many job ad templates.


Don’t just go for the candidates who ask for the lowest pay, because choosing intermediate level is usually the best choice. You will have a worthy employee that could handle things on his/her own. Also, include something like this in your job ad: 

This will help you to select the individual who pays attention to details and is observant.


Once you choose who will be your customer service rep, go and set up ZenDesk. This is a great platform for tracking all of the customer service tickets and, the best thing about it is that it can be integrated inside your Shopify store. 

Once you receive a ticket / message that needs to be solved, you will immediately see what’s the order, when it’s realized and all the necessary data:

The important thing are “Macros” – these preset / default responses you can send back to these kinds of questions you can see in the previous screenshot. That is why you need to hire an experienced freelancer who knows how ZenDesk works because you are paying them per hour. Macros are awesome time-savers.

Another tip for you is to keep track of what your freelancers are doing. You can check that via Upwork in “Work Diaries” or set up “Time Doctor” or similar apps. That way you can ensure you are not wasting your time and money.

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