Google Ads Trick – Effective Way to Reach 6x ROAS

I wanted to show you one trick that works only with one-product stores and if you’re already scaling with Facebook ads. 


The whole key is to target the brand name searches on Google. That means that if someone types your brand keywords, you are the first one to appear on Google search, especially if you have the original domain. If you don’t do this, there could be some competitors that are selling the same product and, even if you have the original domain name, they are going to appear the first on Google search and probably steal your customers.


How to set this trick up?

You can create the campaigns for separate top 4 countries or divide them the way you like:

Next, type the keywords related to your brand name and be smart to select all variations that might occur. Depending on the brand name, that can be with/without space, “1” or “one”, etc. Go to “Keywords”:

When it comes to ads, they could be really simple and you can always test different variations.


Now, you should have conversion tracking enabled on Google Analytics, which is installed on your Shopify store.


At last, create the new search campaign with the objective of getting conversions:


Remember, this won’t work for general stores, only with brand names that are created for one-product stores. Otherwise, you will just waste your money.

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