What Makes Up a Winning Video Ad?  Here Is What You Need To Do

Is there a “formula” on creating a winning ad? There are some tips on how to create a high-converting video ad and let’s see some patterns that are good to use. 


I will introduce you to some general things that are proven to work. 



Before you even start creating the video, check what aspect ratio is compatible with your content which needs to always stay in top quality. Recently, vertical videos work better for Facebook (there are a lot more mobile users) and you should follow the 1:1, 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio.


First, a lot of products can be presented with video ads. Furthermore, for some of them, videos work a lot way better than images or any other creative. Depends on your niche, choose what format suits best and go for it. Maybe you should test them out if you are not completely sure. 


Next, you don’t want to overload your audience with some unnecessary content to watch. Make the video that is around 25-30 secs long and ensure that the content is original. Never seen before. That way you are sure to get some engagement. If someone even thinks about he/she saw that before, that person will probably scroll and skip your ad, even if he/she has never seen it before. 


When creating the video, don’t simply combine the pictures of your product. Rather tell the story about it – what is the problem your product is going to solve, will it improve the quality of that person’s life, etc. 


Don’t mind spending a lot of time spying on your competitors. From there on you can even duplicate their pattern if you see it works – just replace it with your product’s images/text, for example. But always try to do better.


I am sure you have seen some video that is looking like an ad from the first second or even the thumbnail is telling you so. You want to avoid that. Make the video the way it will blend in the regular content of some Facebook news feed. And what will those people do when they finish watching your video? Include a CTA – that is mandatory if you want to succeed. You need to guide your audience step by step until they complete the purchase. It could be difficult, but they don’t just end up on your website buying your product.


And last, but not the least don’t try to make everybody like your product. You want to target your potential buyers and speak to those people. 


Video Ad “Formulas”

PRODUCT DEMO (25-30 secs)

This is a simple product demonstration video with a model trying out/showing your product. If you have access to two or three models, that’s better, but if not, even one could be good. 


You want to include that climax of the product helping at the beginning of the video to ensure a scroll stopper.



CUT & BAND-AID (25-30 secs)

In this situation, you are first facing them with the problem they have – yellow teeth, back pain, etc and that could last about 5 seconds. And, like a band-aid, comes your product and a simple demonstration of it, similar (or the same) as the previous “formula”.


VIRAL VIDEO (45-60 secs)

For this, you are going to need a number of actors/influencers using your product. Simply combine all of these videos together with an opening caption like “The internet is going CRAZY about this!” or “Men can’t live without this anymore” or something like that. 


Since this is a longer video, try to present your product really well, where you can focus on the problem and benefits of using your product. Then, end the video with someone showing the product and smiling. You can put the logo at the end if branded. 


INFLUENCER DEMO (20-25 secs)

This one is similar to the product demo, but in this case, it is only one good-looking influencer showing/using your product. Why influencers? They know how to make great content, right? Once you make a deal with them, choose any of the before-mentioned “formulas”, but keep the video around 20-25 secs long.



This works almost the same as the Influencer demo, but it’s way shorter. Don’t let this scare you, most of the products can be shown in 10 seconds, that’s not the problem. 


The thing that might be good is to ask the influencer to post that ad to his/her story and you can repost it then. This way works amazing! 


No matter what video ad “formula” you choose, always include captions! 


Ad Copy “Formulas”


Whiten your teeth in 5 MINUTES!  (bold claim)

SHOP NOW to get yours while it’s still 50% OFF + FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! 📦 (CTA w/ URGENCY)



Whiten your teeth in 5 MINUTES! (bold claim)

Made with all-natural ingredients for fast and easy whitening! (selling point)




“I heard about this from a friend and when I saw how easy it can be to whiten your teeth, I ordered it to try. I saw the difference after 10 minutes of using it!” – Maya (testimonial)

SHOP NOW to get yours while it’s still 50% OFF with FREE SHIPPING! (CTA w/ urgency)



Drinking a lot of coffee can make our teeth not so appealing. 😑

If you’re an enormous coffee lover, then you MUST TRY OUT this product! (cut&band-aid)

SHOP NOW to get yours while it’s still 50% OFF with FREE SHIPPING! (CTA w/ urgency)


Headline & Link description “Formulas”


Headline: Revolutionary teeth whitening product… (bold claim)

Description: 50% OFF for Black Friday! (urgency)


Headline: Revolutionary teeth whitening product… (bold claim)

Description: GET YOURS HERE while in stock 👉 (CTA + scarcity)



Headline: Have wonderful-looking teeth (bold claim)

Description: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (brand name) (ratings)


Coming up with new video angles

If you look up for a marketing (angle) definition, you will find something like “a unique way of positioning a product or service”. That’s why a video (or any ad) with a different angle is more likely to become viral and I will show you one example:

So, no matter how many creatives you make for your ad, try to make each from a different angle and see what works best. Have in mind that every product has its different angle, therefore different ways to marketing it and stand out as a brand. Once you find out what works, scale it as fast as possible to ensure that no one is going to copy you. 


If you want to generate some angles, there is always Google. Or think of something similar to the above:

  • Social validation (“people are going crazy about this…”)
  • Comfortable living conditions
  • Enjoyment of life
  • Freedom from pain or danger
  • Care and protection of loved ones

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