My name is Collin Hoffman, and this is my blog. I earn a living on the web by showing others how they too can make money blogging. I also provide a lot of internet marketing tips and tricks as well. I want to show you how to increase visitors to your blogs, how to make money online, and even some search engine optimization techniques that I use. I am hoping this blog will be beneficial to you, whether you are new to internet marketing trying to make your first dollar blogging, or are a seasoned professional. I plan to show you every trick that the other big guys would keep to themselves.

I was initially going to start this blog when I started my first website, but before I ran a blog teaching others about internet marketing and building traffic, I wanted to be able to do it myself. I made it a personal goal to run my own websites for exactly one year before I could consider myself a professional internet marketer. In the last 15+ months, I have gone from knowing next to nothing about making money from the web, to becoming an expert in search engine optimization, link building, viral marketing, and maximizing traffic. I started off running simple websites like web proxies because they were always in high demand, but have since sold those and moved onto websites that benefit others while at the same time will help me pay for my college tuition this Fall.