Automating Order Fulfillment

When you are starting out it’s easy to track all of the orders because there aren’t probably going to be a lot of them. Later on, it’s easier to have this automated and to lower down both the costs and shipping time.


Every dropshipping business starts with Oberlo, an app that can easily import products from Aliexpress to your store. 


Find a sourcing agent

A sourcing agent is the first thing you are going to take care of. They will keep stock for you once you make a deal and that way your orders are immediately ready for shipping. Copy the link to the product you are selling and ask him to source it for you. They will give you a significant discount AND the processing time will be faster AND the shipping will be way faster. So, the sourcing agent is definitely something you need to do.


Once you find your agent you will have to give him access to your online store and he is probably going to install some app that will help him and his employees track all of the orders coming. 


You want to avoid any delays. Sometimes, even a three-day delay can cause trouble. Ensure that your sourcing agent is keeping stock full. Of course, for that, you need to have orders daily, but once you do, if the sourcing agent doesn’t keep up, you should change to another one. 



Your sourcing agent will automatically see and fulfill every order you get through your website. That way, he can process the orders without you intervening or worrying about orders.

Keep track of all your money

The next thing you are going to create is a spreadsheet with all the payments. Your agent will probably charge you daily or every week or whatever your deal could be. You will get a list with the total amount you need to pay, so it’s best for you to keep track and SAVE all of that data in one place. 


Also, when it comes to refunds, they are sure to happen. Most of the source agents are willing to help you there and do those kinds of things on their own but only if your cooperation is worth it.


Here is how your spreadsheet could look like, but the organization is completely your choice:

Extra tip: You should have in mind any holidays that might be occurring in China (or in your country). Try to ensure your sourcing agent has enough money to keep the stock full. Orders are coming every day, no matter holidays or not.

Private labeling

The greatest thing about having a sourcing agent is that you can private label the products. There are some conditions you need to fulfill, but it’s pretty exciting to ship your brand from China. Ask your sourcing agent how you can make this work and he will negotiate with manufacturers.

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