How To Optimize Your Creatives – A Working Strategy

How you can test your new ads with Sandbox Campaigns and why should we do that? 


Well, you need to increase FB ads user experience, the relevance of your ads and therefore, estimated action rates. That is why you need to test different creatives with your top audience – you are aiming at the best-quality ads if you want to pay less.

First, let’s go and analyze the PPE or WC(VC) campaign, where I prefer the latter. We create Sandbox campaigns to get more data for less money which can help us to test different ad sets, different audiences, or the same targeting with different ad sets, etc. Options are endless here. When I say “different audiences”, I think of choosing them from the best audience you already have. In other words, Sandbox campaigns should always target your best performing audience. 


The budget you are going to choose is going to be 10 times the number of ad sets – if there are five of them, your budget is $50. Also, your spending limit should be set to half of the budget per ad set, in this case, to at least $5. Another thing to do is to automatically pause your campaigns when they reach around 1,000 impressions. 

You can set up any rule you want, but this way you don’t have to check your ads constantly and you don’t need to worry your money will disappear. With 1,000 impressions you should have enough data to analyze and compare.


Take a look at this scheme to optimize yours:

So, your Sandbox campaign should be set to Website Conversions (View content) or PPE, and when it comes to budget, $50 is enough. You can go up to $100 if you want to get your results faster, but the minimum is enough for some relevant data. 


Your ad sets should be identical, where you change your ads then. Thus, target your best audience and keep it for all the ad sets, set automatic placements and the spend limit. 


For ads keep in mind that you should test only one variable per ad in order to know what variable caused the change in the data. The ad sets should look something like this:

and they all have different ads inside. Once you start testing your variations, your goal is to outperform your current best. So, that means you shouldn’t stop testing until you get better results. Yes, they could be better. 


If you ever wondered what is the first thing you should be testing, here you go. These are placed by the strength of the impact from lower to the highest:


#5 Headline and link description – this is maybe important for testing only if you’re running Facebook ads; for Instagram, this even won’t be shown

#4 Thumbnail – for those who have an autoplay feature off or with those with a slow internet connection

#3 Ad copy – especially the first line of your copy

#2 Scroll stopper (3-sec clip) – really important, because people who maybe wouldn’t watch the whole video will now stop and see the clip, which can result in a completed purchase

#1 Video angle – the completely new video that will sell your product (if you have the access to the content)


How to identify top creatives?

Once that all of the variations hit the 1,000 impressions you can compare the data. Usually, the best-performing one(s) will have the cheapest cots per unique content view / the highest click-through rate. 


You should also consider that Add to cart category when making your decision. Some variations have cheap clicks but not so many purchases. In this case, we are looking for the largest ATCs, even if the CPC is a little bit higher. In other words, there is no ONE thing you should look at. 


From Sandbox to Scaling

If you’re running any winning campaigns at the moment, you should include them to all ad sets inside scaling campaigns. In the beginning, you won’t have this many, but include 3-6 good-performing creatives per ad set. This way, if something isn’t working, you can pause it and create a new ad again without interrupting the ones that are working well. 


To shift from Sandbox to Scaling campaigns with “using existing post” follow these screenshots:

In conclusion, this scheme could summarize it all:


Quick testing

No matter how many creatives do you want to test, the Sandbox structure is great for that. But not for the case where you want to test only one creative. Let’s say you created ONE new ad and you think for it will work well, try adding it into EXISTING warm or hot retargeting campaigns. Why? These audiences are a sample of your targeting market and if it works with them, it will probably work with the cold zone, the top of the funnel.


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