Power of Micro-Influencers

You are aiming for the real-person influencer (not the page influencer) with around 50k-500k followers. Now, you might be thinking how is that “micro”? 


Well, in the same industry/niche, you have them, the micro-influencers, and those big ones that are followed by 10 or 20 million people. 


The first step to take is to send them the free sample and ask them to share the opinion on it (if they don’t do that by themselves, which they usually do). This way you won’t have to pay for anything and you’ll get crazy results in return. You can also negotiate, ask them to earn some money or whatever might be on your mind. 


The secret is there is a real person behind that account and people already trust it. That is why this way can sometimes work a lot better. Thus, only one action can give you plenty of money.


There is no easy way to find them. And that is a fact.

  • Search through hashtags
  • Search for theme pages (related to your niche)
  • Search for the profiles that do a lot of influencer marketing; this can depend on your niche, but usually, they tag and repost those who have promoted them and that could be a good way to go


Of course, there could be some issues in this process, especially when it comes to cooperation. Build a great connection with the influencers and you might take these to the minimum. You will have to work hard sometimes to get them to talk about your brand. Even if they agree on trying out the product, dropshippers will need to ensure fast shipping. Otherwise, influencers could abandon the deal. 


This is a risky investment because then their followers will have to wait long for the product to come, but like every business, this one has risks, too. 

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