Retargeting 101 – What You Need to Do To Get The Maximum Success

This is the general funnel of your Facebook ads in eCommerce and let’s analyze it now. 


Cold traffic is made of people who never interacted with your brand before. They have never seen your website and we assume this is the largest audience out there. As shown, these are “Interest Audiences” or “Lookalike Audiences”. And this is something we have when we usually start and where most of our money on ads go.




Once that audience saw your videos or engaged in your ads, they move to warm traffic, right? They are now somewhat familiar with your brand but probably haven’t taken any actions yet. 


The real interests are born in the hot traffic zone, which is the smallest group of (your) audience. As you can assume, it doesn’t matter they are the smallest group, you get the highest ROI.


So, the end of the funnel is PURCHASE. We want to keep retargeting the warm and the hot traffic zones until they complete the purchase. 


How to retarget?

For both of these, you will have to create custom audiences. If you didn’t know this, they are automatically created with the pixel data. And, in most cases, retargeting is profitable when you do it right. I will now show you the table of audiences you need to create and how many days you should take as relevant data for observation.


Audience Time frame (days)
95% VV 7
75% VV 7
WV 7
IC 7
PUR 30


When do you start? 


Warm retargeting

This should happen when your video views are over 5,000 in the last seven days. This should be 95% of the engagement.


Here, you should start small and gradually increase if your campaign is doing well. You should have multiple ads per ad set in different formats. Carefully observe this scheme:

The Adset #1 and Adset #3 are important, as you can see with the Adset #2 you should only launch it if the first one is profitable! Take a close look at what you should exclude in every campaign: for each of them you need to select website visitors in the last 7 days and those who completed the purchase in the last 30 days.


Hot retargeting

Observe how many people visited your website. Only when you have over 1,000 visitors in the last 7 days you can start your hot zone retargeting. Again, here is how your campaigns should look like:

The most important here are also exclusions, especially for those people who have just purchased your product and haven’t received it yet. They will get annoyed by seeing your ads. 

The steps are basically the same, create multiple formats, including video ads, image ads or carousels, test what works best and be creative! For example, discounts work so great in the hot zone! That’s the “extra push” your customers need sometimes.


Scaling retargeting and troubleshooting

  • Take care of your audience and never spam them! You should take into consideration the frequency of your ad. If a potential customer saw your ad 10 times that day, not only he/she won’t be your customer, but maybe you will be blocked. Thus, lower your budget to the frequency of two times a day, tops 
  • Test different creatives
  • The most important for you is ROAS. Gradually scale it until you see a decline
  • If you don’t see any relevant results when those 7 days are over, don’t abandon these audiences. There sure are going to be some sale events, like “New Year’s sale” or something that you can use and select the customers from the last 180 days. Remember that here you should create special creatives, which is understandable

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