Scaling Lookalike Audiences by Grouping Them

You will meet two strategies on scaling lookalike audiences, so let’s jump right into these.


Strategy 1

Take your campaign data and analyze closely. You can see which countries buy more, therefore, where you could sell more. Choose the top 3 countries that are bringing in a large sales profit and by combining them together, create the new LLAs to get a broader reach. 


Remember that it’s probably better to start with a bigger budget here.

Go for manual bidding here in order to avoid overspending in the beginning of the campaign. You can set it 2x or 3x your target CPP.


Strategy 2

The steps are the same, but now you are looking for 3 individuals. Combine them together and create LLAs setting up a higher budget.


The important thing here is that these individuals have similar CPP, otherwise, Facebook won’t optimize your campaign/target properly.


You can combine as many audiences as you like, but keep in mind that they are converting.



Pro tip

You don’t need to break your targets by the age range. You can try, but probably it won’t make any difference. Of course, if your results become better by targeting a specific age, then just go for it. As you already know, there isn’t a rule when it comes to this.

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